You know you want to 'green' your home or business...but where do you start?

The sheer amount of diverse eco-friendly products out there is enough to overwhelm even the most environmentally-savvy person. Our goal at Cleaner Greener Energies is to make it simple & easy for everyone!

We specialize in designing the most cost-effective, highest energy-producing system for you, with terminology you can understand. Our knowledgeable & trained Technicians and Staff are here to make sure you have the best products to fit your unique situation!
As our name suggests, Cleaner Greener Energies is focused on educating, implementing & transitioning our world into an environmentally-responsible tomorrow... starting today.
  • SD Facts on Wind & Solar:
    • South Dakota Ranks 4th in National Wind Power Potential!

    • South Dakota Ranks 14th for National Solar Energy Potential!

The Cleaner Greener Mission

At Cleaner Greener Energies, our mission is to promote the use of clean renewable technologies to encourage energy sustainability, boost economic growth, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Cleaner Greener Energies offers Wind Energy Systems for Homes, Farms & Businesses... all customized to fit your unique energy situation. Our wind energy products range from a starter Small Wind Turbine all the way up to a Utility-Scale Wind Turbine for large wind farms.

We offer professional Site Assessments to ensure you get the best products to meet your specific energy needs. Plus, our products come with a Manufacturer Warranty, as well as an optional CGE Service & Maintenance Agreement... so, we service what we sell.


We sell a variety of American-made Solar PV (photovoltaic) Panels & Accessories to collect & convert the sun's rays into electricity. Solar energy has been more 'mainstream' than wind energy for over 40 years & and has proven itself time and again. Even so, Solar PV & Solar Thermal products are always improving and we carry the best on the market today!

We offer Site Assessments to obtain accurate solar readings to ensure you get the best product for your specific needs. Solar PV is virtually maintenance-free, but for more peace of mind, all of our solar products come with a Manufacturer Warranty of up to 25 years.


There are countless renewable energy products on the market today & we offer MORE than just Turbines & PV Panels. CGE has a diverse product line including Solar Thermal Hot Water, Solar Light Tubes, Solar Attic Fans, Solar Thermal Window Blinds & even emergency Battery Back-Up Systems.

We also can repair existing renewable energy products too. Call on us today & we'll do whatever we can to fix your system. We have a staff of professionally-trained Technicians to evaluate and trouble-shoot almost any issue!